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Trades Insurance

At CCM you speak to a real person that can help you identify your risks and design an insurance program that will suit your needs.

There are no online forms or lengthy questionnaires to fill out by yourself, we are here to guide you along the way.

Contract Works & Liability

As the most common policy required for all trades, it is our priority to ensure that your policy meets your needs and specific occupation.

If you are already insured we can review your policy to make sure that it meets your needs and there are no surprises if you ever need to claim on the policy.

If you are starting out or looking for a new policy, we can design a policy from ground up that meets both your coverage and budget requirements.

Trade Credit

What happens if your builder goes broke and can’t pay you?

One of the most common concerns of all trades is that they are not paid by a builder. Trade credit insurance is available to address that concern.

Speak to us about your concerns and let us work out a solution for you.

Whichever your trade, CCM is here to guide you along the path to finding the best policy to suit your needs.