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ConstructingThe name CCM Insurance Group resonates around some of Australia’s fastest growing and ambitious construction and property development companies. Our enviable position at the forefront of the construction insurance sector is underpinned by our intimate knowledge and understanding of the specific needs of this unique industry sector.

We provide a full life-cycle insurance solutions for your projects. Our clients range from suppliers, through to builders/contractors and to the final real estate agents and property/strata managers. CCM Insurance Group can be seen insuring every aspect from supply of materials through to the final occupation of a large number of projects across Australia. CCM Insurance Group is a true “one stop shop” for anything construction project.

Builders Insurance

Whether you are a commercial, industrial, civil or residential builder, CCM Insurance Group has the expertise to assist you with your contract works and public liability insurance. Not all companies are the same and not all solutions are fit for use. We eschew the use of insurance facilities and scheme arrangements common to other brokers and prefer to individually tailor bespoke solutions to each and every client. This takes time and care but the final result is an optimised insurance program that is specifically unique to you and your company.


Builders Warranty Insurance

Our clients across Australia are some of the most knowledgeable builders in the field of builders warranty insurance. We firmly believe in the education of the industry in this product and believe a knowledgeable builder is an empowered one. We provide our clients with the peace of mind that they can grow their business unhindered by their warrant requirements. This is the reason why some of the fastest growing and most profitable builders in Australia choose to partner with us.

Workers' Compensation

Our expertise in workers’ compensation along with the mission to drive cost effective results for our clients means that our placement of your workers’ compensation program is optimised to make the most of your budget for this insurance. Our expertise in negotiating and managing complex workers’ compensation claims allows us to minimise your injury loss time and better manage your return to work programs.

Subcontractors and Trades Insurance

Whether you are a form worker or a bricklayer, there are insurance requirements that you must meet. Our speciality in developing cost effective insurance solutions for trades and contractors means that you will enjoy competitive premiums while still benefiting from the industry leading advice and service we deliver.

Building Designers, Architects, Engineers and Surveyors Professional Indemnity Insurance

As some of the key professionals in the construction industry, you should insist on a properly designed and tailored solution to your professional indemnity insurance requirements. Once again, we step away from the scheme/facility based solutions that is common to your industries to carefully develop a unique solution to your organisation.

Surety Bonds

Our vast expertise in negotiating this often complicated line of insurance allows you to put your faith in us to just get it done. Our pre-assessment process allows us to provide you with a close indication of the results we believe we can achieve prior to submissions to insurers. Peace of mind is critical with surety bonds and we aim to provide you with this from the outset.

EBA Insurance Requirements

Builders and trades of all sizes may eventually find themselves involved in negotiating EBA agreements to meet the requirements of their industry group or union. Our expertise in reviewing and designing insurance solutions to meet the requirements of your EBA agreements are unsurpassed. Our placement capabilities ensure your requirements are met in full all whilst minimising the maximum premium spend by your company.

Completed Projects/Property Insurance

Whether it is a high density residential development or a block of factories, our goal is to ensure that your property is comprehensively covered and your insurance commitments to your strata or body corporate are met. Our expertise in designing and managing property insurance solutions has seen us become the insurance brokers for some of the most prominent property developers in the country.

Importers, Manufacturers and Suppliers Insurance

Regardless of the industry, we have a strong, proven track record in providing insurance solutions to importers, wholesalers, manufacturers and suppliers. It is important to ensure that you are protected from the importation through to the final supply of your product to your customer. We review your business from manufacture to sale to ensure you are aware of the risks involved at each stage.